The Top 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Adventure Box is Safe

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Do you have an Adventure Box for your puppies?

If you don’t, you should! If you do, read on to learn how to make sure your box is as safe and beneficial as possible!

Since we invented the Adventure Box, it has become wildly popular with breeders seeking to raise the most confident, stable, resilient puppies possible. However, how you use Adventure Boxes determines how much benefit your pups will get. In my next three blogs, I’ll discuss how you should make and use your Adventure Box, so your pups get the most out of it.

First and foremost, please ensure your Adventure Box is safe! If you bought a box from us, you don’t have to worry too much because we have spent many years testing our boxes. Thousands of puppies have used them without injury or harm. However, if you made your own or got someone else’s, please read on.

If you’ve bred dogs for any amount of time, you know that puppies are suicidal! They spend 24/7 trying to figure out how to get themselves in trouble and they are terrible at getting themselves out of scrapes.

Stop and scrutinize your Adventure Box from this perspective. Your safety concerns should include avoiding loops, sharp edges, and edible items while using appropriate line and chains.

1. Avoid loops and rings.

When you choose things to hang on your Adventure Box, do not include anything that a pup could get its head or leg through, or its collar caught on. (The last is a good reason to only use breakaway collars on your pups.) Unsafe items that I’ve seen on Adventure Boxes include children’s ring toys, horse snaffle bits, or canning lids. In addition, when you hang objects from the box, use only a single piece of line rather than a loop, since pups can get hung up in loops.

2. No sharp items.

Most breeders carefully avoid sharp objects around their puppies, but sometimes the danger can be less than obvious. For example, I’ve seen people hang empty soda cans on their Adventure Boxes. This certainly seems like a good idea because the cans make a lot of noise but are relatively light so they won’t harm a puppy that bumps them. BUT, the edges of openings that remain after you pop the pop top can be quite sharp. If a puppy grabbed at the opening with its tongue or put a foot in the hole, it could easily get cut. So scrutinize all of the items on your box for even hidden sharp edges that could cut a pup.


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3. Limit edible and chewable items.

Avoid hanging anything on your box that pups could chew or swallow. These include pool noodles, beads and small bells.They may be noisy, bright and colorful, but if they come loose, pups can swallow them whole or in pieces. Instead, use metal, hard plastic, rubber or solid wood items.The most chewable things on our boxes are the paint brushes, so we check them regularly and replace them if pups have started gnawing on them.

4. Use low-tensile strength line.

We also recommend you use low-tensile strength line to hang items. As annoying as it may be, low-tensile strength line will break if a pup gets wrapped in it. Yes, you may have to restring items daily, but it will be safer for your pups in the end.

5. Right size your chains.

If you use chains on your Adventure Box, which we recommend, be sure the chains’ weight and openings are appropriate to your puppies’ size. Toy-breed puppies should use light-weight chains with small openings, while larger puppies can handle heavier chain with larger openings.

Now go check out your Adventure Box from the perspective of your puppies’ safety! In my next blog “How To Maximize Puppy Development With Your Adventure Box“, I’ll tell you how to ensure that your Adventure Box helps your pups become more confident, stable and resilient!

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  1. Danette Weich DVM

    Love the adventure box and have used ours, plans from Avidog, for several litters. However, with the latest litter of golden retriever puppies, we did run into a scary safety hazard, that thankfully ended well since I was home and heard the problem. One of the empty paint cans came off the adventure box, they had been tied on with decoy line (a plastic line). Decoy line breaks relatively easily and if ingested is more likely to pass through without incidence (a small piece of plastic line) vs a length of string. But it does not hold knots well. Items are freshly strung for each litter. A pup stuck her head down into the paint can, and could not get it off her head. Her crying went from loud protests to a muffled plea as she became stressed and over heated. With her fluffy coat blocking the entrance there was little air inside the can. My “mommy sense” made me get up to check when she went from loud to suddenly quiet. That can was stuck. But wrinkle by wrinkle and ear by ear I got her out. She was shook up but fine, and back playing with littermates and adventure box 10 minutes later. My plan with the next use of the adventure box is to either hammer the lids onto the cans, or drill multiple holes into the bottom surface of the cans to allow airflow should this happen again.

    • Gayle Watkins

      Danette, Thanks for sharing this scary event with us! I’m so glad your pup was okay and you were there to help. Your solutions sound like great options. I’ll let Marcy and Lise know and we’ll get back to you! Gayle

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