Early Scent Introduction for Neonate Puppies

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Neonatal puppies, from 3 to 16 days of age, are ready and able to smell their world. You can take advantage of this to improve their adult scenting ability by doing Early Scent Introduction with your litter. It’s easy! All you need 13 unique scents and 5 seconds per puppy per day. It’s fun! Watching your pups fall in love or out of love with a smell is a hoot.

Watch this webinar to see how and why to try ESI, then download the handout below and get started!

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I hope you enjoyed the AKC Canine Health Foundation and Avidog’s “Baby Noses” webinar on Early Scent Introduction.

We have been doing Early Scent Introduction with my pups for over twelve years.

ESI has contributed to our dogs’ successes in hunt tests and field trials, nosework, search and rescue work, obedience, tracking and more. The only pups I would not do ESI with are guide and some service dog prospects, since their jobs do not require scent work.

More recently, we have enjoyed presenting Early Scent Introduction to dog breeders in our seminars, conference presentations and now this webinar.

The feedback I have gotten has been incredible! From email notes to puppy-sniffing videos!!


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Please give it a try with your puppies and let me know how it goes.

To help you do so, I have created a FREE handout that gives you the step-by-step instructions and a chart for logging your litter’s reactions.

Have a great time introducing your puppies to the world of exciting scents!

All the best,
Gayle Watkins


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