Dog Food Buyer Beware

Dog Food Buyer Beware

More and More Dog Foods Are Making Dogs Sick! For years, dog owners have faced challenges when choosing food for their dogs but the situation is getting increasingly dire. In just the last three months, we’ve seen well-known dog foods causing serious sometimes fatal...

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One Easy Way to Improve Your Breeding Success

One of the easiest ways to improve your breeding success is by enhancing your dog’s physical fitness because fitness and fertility go hand-in-hand. As simple as that sounds, getting your dogs in optimal breeding condition will have broad benefits to your breeding program and will improve your puppies’ health in both the short-term, as well as over their lifetime.

All of us are told that before we breed our dogs, we should get them fit. But what exactly does “getting them fit” mean? Should you take them for longer walks or put them on the treadmill? NO!

Bowls, Biofilms, and Pyometra

Several bloggers have been making seemingly outlandish claims relating biofilm to a huge array of dog problems. To check these claims out, I had been digging into biofilm when I came across new research from the AKC Canine Health Foundation linking biofilm to pyometra. That got my attention!

How To Teach Your Dog To Take Pills

One of the biggest yet most important challenges you face when raising dogs is to teach them to willingly and happily accept medical treatments, such as pills. At some time during your dog’s life, it is likely he will need such treatments.

Be Ready to Go!

How to Prepare to Evacuate Your Dogs in an Emergency Natural disasters requiring evacuation, from fires to floods, seem to be be more common these days. If you are a dog owner or breeder, you must prepare to evacuate your dogs, as well as your families, in...

The Top 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Adventure Box is Safe

Do you have an Adventure Box for your puppies? If you don’t, you should! If you do, read on to learn how to make sure your box is as safe and beneficial as possible! Since we invented the Adventure Box, it has become wildly popular with breeders seeking to...

Research on the Effects of Spaying and Neutering

There is a growing body of research showing that spaying and neutering dogs is not the innocuous surgery once thought. To help you determine if and when you should spay or neuter your dog, here is the current research on the long-term effects of these surgeries, as well as

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