Dogs Don’t Have Due Dates, They Have Whelping Windows

Dogs Don’t Have Due Dates, They Have Whelping Windows

Recently, I heard about a litter supposedly born prematurely. The breeder said the pup were born on “Day 59, four days before their due date.” This statement prodded me to tackle the concept of due dates in dogs because that concept causes both undue stress and inappropriate inaction in dog breeders, and often the loss of puppies.

How Much Exercise Do Puppies Need?

How Much Exercise Do Puppies Need?

There seem to be two approaches to exercising puppies by well-meaning owners. There are those who do too much too soon with their pups, doing concussive exercises often as early as 6 months of age. Then there are those who minimize their pups’ activity, almost wrapping them in cotton until their growth plates have closed. So what is the right balance of physical activity for your puppy? What kind of exercises should you do? Can you walk, jog or hike with your puppy?

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Be Ready to Go!

How to Prepare to Evacuate Your Dogs in an Emergency Natural disasters requiring evacuation, from fires to floods, seem to be be more common these days. If you are a dog owner or breeder, you must prepare to evacuate your dogs, as well as your families, in...

The Top 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Adventure Box is Safe

Do you have an Adventure Box for your puppies? If you don’t, you should! If you do, read on to learn how to make sure your box is as safe and beneficial as possible! Since we invented the Adventure Box, it has become wildly popular with breeders seeking to...

Research on the Effects of Spaying and Neutering

There is a growing body of research showing that spaying and neutering dogs is not the innocuous surgery once thought. To help you determine if and when you should spay or neuter your dog, here is the current research on the long-term effects of these surgeries, as well as

Early Scent Introduction for Neonate Puppies

HOW TO START YOUR PUPPIES ON EARLY SCENT INTRODUCTION Neonatal puppies, from 3 to 16 days of age, are ready and able to smell their world. You can take advantage of this to improve their adult scenting ability by doing Early Scent Introduction with your litter. It’s...

Canine Physical Therapy

There are many types of non-traditional therapies that benefit dogs! Canine sports medicine and rehabilitation is a relatively new specialty in veterinary medicine. Physical therapy (also called physiotherapy) has long been used for humans to help...

The Importance Of Weight Control For Breeding Animals

Other than an accidental breeding a/k/a an “oops litter” most people plan their breedings well in advance. Some of the early plans include choosing a stud dog and deciding what method will be used to do the breeding. One other early plan that you need to...

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