How Much Exercise Do Puppies Need?

How Much Exercise Do Puppies Need?

There seem to be two approaches to exercising puppies by well-meaning owners. There are those who do too much too soon with their pups, doing concussive exercises often as early as 6 months of age. Then there are those who minimize their pups’ activity, almost wrapping them in cotton until their growth plates have closed. So what is the right balance of physical activity for your puppy? What kind of exercises should you do? Can you walk, jog or hike with your puppy?

Bowls, Biofilms, and Pyometra

Several bloggers have been making seemingly outlandish claims relating biofilm to a huge array of dog problems. To check these claims out, I had been digging into biofilm when I came across new research from the AKC Canine Health Foundation linking biofilm to pyometra. That got my attention!

How To Teach Your Dog To Take Pills

One of the biggest yet most important challenges you face when raising dogs is to teach them to willingly and happily accept medical treatments, such as pills. At some time during your dog’s life, it is likely he will need such treatments.

Puppy Raising Seminar, Tarheel Golden Retriever Club (NC, USA)

JANUARY 20, 2019
Winston-Salem NC
This seminar is a condensed version of Avidog’s Transformational Puppy Rearing seminar which focuses on the why, what and how of Avidog’s scientifically based, ground-breaking puppy-rearing system that enables us to bring out the best in puppies.

Be Ready to Go!

How to Prepare to Evacuate Your Dogs in an Emergency Natural disasters requiring evacuation, from fires to floods, seem to be be more common these days. If you are a dog owner or breeder, you must prepare to evacuate your dogs, as well as your families, in...

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