Dog Food Buyer Beware

Dog Food Buyer Beware

More and More Dog Foods Are Making Dogs Sick! For years, dog owners have faced challenges when choosing food for their dogs but the situation is getting increasingly dire. In just the last three months, we’ve seen well-known dog foods causing serious sometimes fatal...

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Want to Make Your Dog More Optimistic?

We can give our dogs a more positive outlook on life through this simple game! Like people, individual dogs have a general outlook on life, tending either toward the positive or negative. That individual tendency influences many aspects of the dog's mental state, and...

Our New Puppy Room and Tools

Check out our new puppy room and a dozen tools we used to make raising our recent litter much easier! Our most recent litter was the first one raised in our new home, with its separate puppy room. In fact, this is the first time in 40 years that we had a room in our...

Dogs Don’t Have Due Dates, They Have Whelping Windows

Recently, I heard about a litter supposedly born prematurely. The breeder said the pup were born on “Day 59, four days before their due date.” This statement prodded me to tackle the concept of due dates in dogs because that concept causes both undue stress and inappropriate inaction in dog breeders, and often the loss of puppies.

How Much Exercise Do Puppies Need?

There seem to be two approaches to exercising puppies by well-meaning owners. There are those who do too much too soon with their pups, doing concussive exercises often as early as 6 months of age. Then there are those who minimize their pups’ activity, almost wrapping them in cotton until their growth plates have closed. So what is the right balance of physical activity for your puppy? What kind of exercises should you do? Can you walk, jog or hike with your puppy?

One Easy Way to Improve Your Breeding Success

One of the easiest ways to improve your breeding success is by enhancing your dog’s physical fitness because fitness and fertility go hand-in-hand. As simple as that sounds, getting your dogs in optimal breeding condition will have broad benefits to your breeding program and will improve your puppies’ health in both the short-term, as well as over their lifetime.

All of us are told that before we breed our dogs, we should get them fit. But what exactly does “getting them fit” mean? Should you take them for longer walks or put them on the treadmill? NO!

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