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Changing the future of dogs, one puppy at a time through cutting-edge dog breeding and puppy raising techniques!

Today’s dogs and dog lovers face many challenges—

  • too many dogs with fearful, obsessive and aggressive temperaments,
  • increasing numbers of systemic and genetic canine diseases, including rising cancer rates,
  • diminishing access for dogs to public places and rising home-owner insurance rates due to the perceived dog-bite epidemic,
  • growing legislative control on dogs and dog breeding at all levels from local to federal, and tragically,
  • the euthanasia of millions of dogs in animal shelters each year that are unable to find or keep loving homes

Yet thousands of people are looking to add dogs to their families every year so do we really want FEWER dogs?  No!  We want BETTER dogs!   So our goal at Avidog is to help dog lovers make this happen.  We can meet this goal while addressing the challenges above using cutting-edge dog breeding and puppy-raising practices.  These practices emphasize the lifetime influence of a dog’s first year of life.  By providing dog breeders and owners with the tools they need to optimize their dogs’ puppyhoods, we improve the QUALITY rather than reducing the QUANTITY of dogs.  

If your goal, like ours, is to ensure that all dogs thrive in loving homes, welcome to Avidog International, your online home for all things involved in raising puppies to be great dogs!

We are Gayle Watkins, Lise Pratt and Marcy Burke and together we have spent our adult lives studying and applying ways to raise great dogs. Through Avidog, we bring you the latest proven methods for raising puppies so that your dogs will be as healthy, stable and well behaved as their genetics will allow.  Keep reading to see which of our products, courses and resources can enable you to join us in our mission.

Dog Breeders!

If you are a dog breeder, our dog breeding courses, dog products and dog breeding and puppy evaluation seminars help you raise fabulous puppies.

Interested in breeding dogs? We can help you do it right!Whether you breed pet, competition, sport, working or service dogs, we have something to offer you.

As scientists and dog breeders, we bring decades of experience together with both cutting-edge and classic research to create systems that bring out the best in every puppy.

We have experience working with breeders of dogs of all sizes, shapes, breeds and backgrounds.

Join us in using science, art and experience to make your future generations of dogs the best yet!

Puppy Owners!

If you are a puppy owner, we offer online puppy training courses and puppy coaching that will ensure your puppy becomes the dog of your dreams.

Breeding dogs to be healthy and stable is fun and brings joy to their owners.

Wait a minute, online dog training courses? That can’t work! Well, it does!

With over 50 years’ combined experience in teaching puppy owners, we know how to help you teach your puppy everything from housebreaking and house manners to outdoor obedience, like coming when called and walking on leash. And you can learn all of this from the comfort of your own home!

Through ebooks, videos, emails and regular phone consultations, we help you tailor your puppy’s training to your individual needs.

Whether you just got your first puppy, are a seasoned dog owner or are branching into dog sports, our Puppy College has something for you.

Shelters and Rescue Groups!

If you work or volunteer for a recognized shelter or rescue group, our puppy-raising courses, dog products and puppy evaluation seminars can help you raise homeless puppies to be the best they can be.

Dog breeding and puppy raising courses
We believe all puppies deserve to thrive! We’d love to help your organization get the tools to make that happen for your puppies.

We can help you adapt cutting-edge puppy-rearing methods to institutional settings and foster homes so your puppies are started on potty training, coming when called, bite inhibition and the all-important socialization before being matched to their new homes.  Once placed, we can also assist the adoptive families in continuing to raise and train their puppies to be healthy, stable companions.

Contact us to find out more about how we can partner with you to make a difference in the lives of your organization’s puppies!

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Our simple and practical tips will help you rear your litter and raise your puppy to be as physically healthy, mentally stable and well behaved as possible. Create the extraordinary dog you have always wanted! We have successfully worked with puppies of all types, backgrounds and breeds and look forward to working with yours.

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