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Why I Joined Good Dog…and why you should support them, too!

by | Dog Breeding

I’m thrilled to announce that after nearly a year of getting to know Good Dog, Avidog and I have officially teamed up with this young company! Some of you may have heard about Good Dog, some of you might already be members of their community of Good Breeders, and some of you may still be skeptics.

Well, let me tell you my story.

A year ago, the Good Dog folks started approaching Avidog Associate Breeders. None of us knew anything about this company so I called them to ream them out. During that call and many that followed, I fell in love with this young, energetic, tech-savvy team who are passionate about supporting and promoting responsible dog breeders. And at no cost to those breeders. In fact, you can’t even pay to be listed.

Who is Good Dog?

they’re on our side and they’re the real deal. They are here to help and are committed to supporting us because they understand that the way to improve the lives of puppies, dogs and owners is by supporting responsible breeders.

The Good Team is developing a deep understanding of the complex issues facing the Dog World, particularly responsible breeders. They have built the Good Dog platform thoughtfully and with a focus on education and science-backed research for buyers and breeders.

Good Dog wants to provide a safe place to celebrate us, responsible breeders and our dogs. With our feedback and input, they want to use their expertise in technology to give us resources and support because they know that responsible breeders are the solution. They know how much time, energy, money, and emotion we invest in our programs and our dogs and they want to recognize us for all that we do to put an end to responsible breeders being unfairly attacked or blamed.

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We are stronger together!

The bad breeders and disreputable sources may currently outnumber us but we are strong and we will be even stronger when we stand together. For too long, the Dog World has been divided by Adopt Don’t Shop versus breeders, purebred versus mixed breed breeders, and even factions within breeds. As a result dog breeding is being threatened. It’s critical that responsible dog breeders and their supports unite, otherwise the forces against us will win.

Membership in the Good Dog community is not an endorsement of the other breeders in the community, but rather, a shared commitment to responsible breeding practices and a better world for our dogs. If you are a US dog breeder, join our community because you, your dogs and puppies, and prospective buyers deserve better!

Help us spread us the word and encourage the responsible US-based breeders you know to join the Good Breeder community – post about Good Dog in your Facebook groups, your breed clubs and groups, email your breeder friends, mentors, and mentees – because, together, we can give our dogs and the people who love them the world we all deserve.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or to Cat Matloub, Good Dog’s head of Community, Partnerships, and & Legal Affairs at

Looking forward to seeing your Good Breeder badge!

Gayle Watkins, PhD
Avidog International


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