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Making The Trip Home Easier For New Puppies And Owners


As breeders, we love the feelings of sending a litter of beautiful pups off to their new homes. Those days are filled with excitement and joy — for us and the families who have been anxiously awaiting their new puppy. However, we also have a bit of worry about how the pup will handle the transition to its new home, starting with the trip home since the trip can be stressful for all concerned, especially the puppy.

Having sent home hundreds of puppies over the last 35 years we’ve learned many things that can help make those trips easier, whether new owners are driving to the next town or flying across the continent. We are delighted to share what we have learned with you in this ebook so you can make your puppies’ transitions to their new homes a good experience for everyone.

We have broken this ebook down into three parts:

  1. Preparing Puppies for the Trip Home—things breeders can do before sending pups home
  2. Driving Home with Your Puppy—things puppy owners can do to make that drive go smoothly
  3. Flying Home with Your Puppy—things puppy owners can do to ensure an uneventful flight home

We’ve also created resource lists in each section to help you gather the items you will need.

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