Fit For Life Videos v2.0


*** The 2019 Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) WINNER for best Video, DVD, or TV Broadcasts category ***

Improve your dog’s fitness, performance, speed and health! This USB flash drive contains all 32 exercise videos from the Fit For Life and Fit To Be Tied canine conditioning programs. The videos are divided into categories so that you can easily focus on improving your dog’s core, rear and/or front leg strength, as well as flexibility, balance, proprioception, and good-for-the-soul exercises.

This set of targeted, non-concussive, progressive exercises will enable you to safely and effectively get and maintain your dog in top physical condition, and in doing so improve general fitness and performance, reduce injuries, improve breeding success for breeding dogs, and increase longevity. These videos can be run on your computer or live-streamed on any device. They can stand alone but are best used as part of a Fit For Life or Fit To Be Tied membership.

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