Voucher – Savvy Socialization for Puppy Owners


Are you a breeder? Do you want to give Savvy Socialization to your puppy buyers? If so, purchase this voucher for each buyer. Each voucher is redeemable for one Avidog’s Savvy Socialization for Puppy Owners. Voucher codes will be delivered via email and in an attached printable pdf. When checking out, you can enter your buyer’s name, email, and a personalized message – and the voucher will be sent directly to them!

Savvy Socialization is a new socialization program that guides puppy owners through developing their pup throughout puppyhood, emphasizing building the puppy’s trust in you and the world around them. Learn how to ensure your pup has the right experiences at the right time in its life. Know when fear imprint periods happen and what you can do to get through them safely. Find out what to expect as your pup transitions through each stage of puppyhood. Help prevent fearfulness, dog reactivity, and aggression in your dog.

This course includes two online video classes: Introduction to Savvy Socialization and Socialization for Puppy Owners.

If you are looking to enroll directly in Savvy Socialization for Puppy Owners, go here.

Buy 4 or more at $16.95 each ($3 savings per voucher)

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