Fit to Be Tied (Annual)

$299.50 / year

We all know that we are supposed to keep our dogs fit for breeding but what exactly does that mean? What it does NOT mean is taking your dog for longer walks! Instead, breeding dogs need strength, flexibility, proprioception and balance. That’s where Fit to Be Tied comes in!

Fit to Be Tied is a health and fitness program for breeding dogs that combines group coaching and step-by-step online training that gives you all of the tools you need to get and keep your stud dog and brood bitch healthy, active and fit to breed. Optimize your dog’s fitness to increase its flexibility, balance and strength thus improving its fertility, health, as well as contributing to its the health and longevity of it’s offspring.

In Fit to Be Tied, you will discover the:

  • skills to teach your dog to maximize its fertility and breeding ability
  • evaluation that ensures you can be confident that your dog is at its physical best while breeding
  • program you can use to safely keep your dog fit throughout the breeding cycle, from mating to recovering from a litter

So that:

  • Your boy is ready to breed and your girl is ready to carry and raise her litter
  • You can strengthen your bond with your dog in a way that you didn’t know was possible
  • You can be your dog’s best partner!!

In addition, Fit to Be Tied, includes the Fit For Life and Fit For Life Puppy programs so you can get ALL of your dogs fit, from puppies to seniors.

Fit to Be Tied and Fit for Life are the ONLY canine fitness programs designed, presented and monitored by a canine sports medicine specialist! You can look forward to engaging with Chris and Gayle through live, monthly video calls where they give personal, hands-on instruction and answer your questions directly. You can also share suggestions, successes, and challenges with others on the private Avidog-Zink Ventures Facebook group.

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