Avidog Breeder College Platinum Membership (Monthly)

$49.95 / month

Avidog’s Breeder College Platinum Membership is an on-going membership program designed to provide an extensive dog-breeding education that takes you from wherever you are, novice or longtime breeder, to Master Breeder!

You will learn to apply cutting-edge science and best practices to:

    • prepare your dogs for breeding so they are fit, strong and fertile
    • optimize every mating to ensure breeding success
    • care for your pregnant bitch and newborn pups to give the pups the best shot at good health, temperament and longevity
    • raise your pups well using Savvy Socialization, Enriching Environments and Key Developmental Opportunities
    • find great homes and match your pups to them

create a breeding strategy that continues to move your breeding program ahead

As an ACBM member, you get our five flagship courses, plus live semi-monthly Q&A calls, weekly office hours, and monthly bonuses, such as our Stud Dog Management course, and the three-part Timing Your Breeding webinar series.

Your membership includes access to these courses:

  • Your Litter A to Z
  • Introduction to Transformational Dog Breeding
  • Avidog Transformational Puppy Rearing series
  • Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test
  • Puppy Potty Training Solution

If you have a co-located breeding partner or employee and would like information on our membership Partner Program, please email us at info@avidog.com.

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