Avidog Breeder College Membership PLUS Fit to Be Tied (Annual)

$599.95 / year

Your Avidog Breeder College Platinum Membership PLUS+ Fit To Be Tied includes:

  • Access our five flagship courses:
    • Your Litter A to Z, raising a litter from before the breeding until sending pups home
    • Introduction to Transformational Dog Breeding, create your own breeding strategy to reach your goals
    • Avidog Transformational Puppy Rearing video series, applying science to raising healthy, stable pups
    • The Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test, temperament test pups to match them to their best home
    • Stud Dog Management, for breeders and stud dog owners to be able to read semen reports, conduct semen evaluations, handle breedings and care for stud dogs
    • Puppy Potty Training Solution, house- and crate-training for any dog, simplified
  • Fit To Be Tied, includes programs for non-breeding adult dogs, elite athletes, puppies from 8 weeks to 15 months, and senior/geriatric dogs. Thus, it covers ALL of your dogs for one low monthly price!
  • Live twice-monthly Q&A calls for ABCM
  • Live monthly Q&A call for FTBT
  • Weekly office hours for ABCM
  • Monthly bonus classes for both ABCM and Fit To Be Tied, such as Timing Your Breedings, Feeding the Active Dog, Caring for Senior Dogs and more.
  • Member Deals, and Discounts

If you have a co-located breeding partner or employee and would like information on our membership Partner Program, please email us at info@avidog.com.

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