Using Vaginal Cytology to Time Breedings and Whelpings


Date: Feb 7, 2019 (webinar will be recorded and available online within 48 hours)
Time: 11 – 12:30 AM EST

Although vaginal cytology has gone out of favor in some practices, breeders can easily use this time-proven method to help time their breedings, reduce the number of progesterone tests they run, and better predict when their puppies will be born. In this live, 90-minute webinar, Gayle Watkins PhD will teach how to do and use vaginal cytology. The discussion will cover the topics below and will be followed by a general Q&A session. Following the webinar, you will access to the video and audio recordings, as well as additional resources and research studies.

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Using Vaginal Cytology to Time Breedings and Whelpings Webinar Topics

  • What is vaginal cytology?
  • How can vaginal cytology help you?
  • What equipment do you need to do vaginal cytology?
  • How do you prepare a slide?
  • How do you read a slide?
  • What do the slides mean for breeding and whelping windows?

This webinar is part of our For Breeders, By Breeders series. It is included in the Avidog Breeder College Platinum Membership.


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  • How long will the webinar be available to me? You will have access to the webinar page, including the recordings, for a year.
  • What is the For Breeders, By Breeders series? This series of webinars and courses presents pertinent information to dog breeders so they can best manage their dogs, breedings, puppies and owners. We cut through the scientific jargon and focus on what breeders can do to be the most successful possible!
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