Platinum Breeder College Membership (Monthly)

$49.95 / month

The Platinum Breeder College Membership gives you the complete dog-breeding education for committed dog breeders, from novice to experienced. Join us if you want:

  • more confidence in your breedings and breeding program
  • more and healthier puppies
  • more ideal buyers and referrals
  • an educated, committed and supportive community of breeders

Through the Platinum program, you’ll discover how to apply cutting-edge science and best practices so you can:

  • prepare your bitch (and stud dog) for breeding so they are physically and mentally ready to breed
  • time your breedings to have more successful breedings and to optimize litter size and puppy health
  • care for your bitch during her pregnancy to ensure your dam’s health and your pups’ lifetime health and temperament
  • whelp your litter with confidence
  • raise your pups to be the best each can be
  • evaluate your pups effectively so you can best match them to lifetime homes

As a Platinum member, you get our seven flagship courses, plus live semi-monthly Q&A calls, weekly office hours, monthly live webinars and many short classes, to include Nomographs and Puppy Vaccination Protocols with Dr. Laurie Larson and Photographing Your Puppies with Mary Livingston. Your membership includes access to these well-known courses:

  • Your Litter A to Z
  • Introduction to Transformational Dog Breeding
  • Avidog Transformational Puppy Rearing video series
  • Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test or APET
  • The Stud Dog Course
  • Timing Your Breedings
  • Puppy Potty Training Solution

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