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Good Dog / Avidog’s Puppy College


Raise your puppy the Avidog Way!

Good Dog / Avidog’s Puppy College is the complete puppy-raising program that takes you through the first 14 months of your puppy’s life.

Not only do you get a complete, self-paced, online training program, but also weekly coaching to help you over puppy hurdles.

Puppy College teaches puppy owners the methods used by our breeders from around the world who help every puppy be the best it can be.

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Online Class FAQ

Simply click “ADD TO CART” from the product page and then VIEW CART. If you are a returning customer or student, login now. If not, enter your contact and payment information. Once your payment is complete, you are enrolled! Check your inbox (or spam folder) for login information.

Yes, our classes are formatted for all devices, although the videos are probably easiest to see on a larger screen, like a tablet or computer.

Classes consist of videos and documents. Internet speeds that allow you to stream videos are ideal.

You will have access to the class information for 12 months from purchase.

We support payments from PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diner’s Club, and Apple Pay.

Check your email for your class login information. Then log in at to view your student dashboard. Once in the dashboard, scroll down to find the class link. Click on the link and it will take you to the class page.

No, classes are individual although we encourage you to recommend them to your friends or even gift them to them using our gift certificates or vouchers.

There are no refunds on online classes except for Puppy Potty Training Solution, which has a 90-day guarantee. Please read the class description and details closely.

All Avidog course content is protected by copyright. Unless explicitly stated in writing in a course, you do not have permission to share Avidog reports, videos, recordings, images, tools, calculators, or research papers that are not otherwise publically available on the Internet with anyone, including co-breeders, puppy buyers, trainers, veterinarians, or anyone else. This includes screenshots, video screen captures, and quotations from our programs. If you are unsure if something in Avidog is shareable, reach out to us at

You may not share or repeat another Avidog member or student’s personal stories, details, images, or videos from an Avidog call or in any of the Facebook or other social media groups without written permission of BOTH the member/student and Avidog. If you have the member/student’s permission and would like Avidog’s, forward the permission statement and details to us at

The courses offered in Avidog are not intended to take precedence over the advice of your veterinarians, common sense, or your understanding and observation of your dogs. If you choose to follow the information in the courses, you take full personal responsibility for the outcomes.

Please remember at the end of the day, Avidog team members and students/members are people, too. We say things sometimes that can be easily misconstrued out of context.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact us at directly to verify the intent prior to posting on social media or elsewhere.

Violating these policies is grounds for immediate expulsion from all Avidog courses and programs without a refund and may be grounds for legal action.

A Unique Puppy Program

Avidog’s Puppy College is unique among online puppy programs because it is based on the Avidog Way methods used by breeders and owners around the world to develop confident, healthy, happy pups.

Puppy College includes five parts:

1. Online, self-paced classses on specific puppy-raising topics that will guide you in raising your puppy over the next year:

  • house training
  • crate training
  • socialization
  • important life skills, such as appropriate greetings, being good at the vets and groomers, and coming when called
  • preventing problems, such as barking, nipping, chewing, and jumping up
  • safe exercise and fitness
  • healthy diet and nutrition

2. Weekly live coaching calls where you can get your questions answered by dog-training experts

3. Weekly email office hours where you can get written guidance on solving your pup’s challenges

4. Private Facebook group where you can join with other puppy owners and dog trainers

5. A growing resource library with quick info on specific issues

Here are a few more things that set Avidog’s Puppy College apart:

  • Our coaches are DOG EXPERTS! Together, they have nearly 60 years of experience training and raising puppies of all breeds and types. They are AKC Breeders of Merit and have shown dogs to a high level in many sports. They have trained search and rescue, therapy, and service dogs. In addition, our coaches have trained thousands of puppy owners to bring up lovely pups to be everything they want in a dog. And as a Puppy College member, you get direct access to the coaching team, online and on live calls.
  • Puppy College grows with your pup. Depending upon the breed, your pup may not be an adult for a year or two. Knowing what to do through each phase of puppyhood, from those early weeks through the teenage months will give you more confidence and skill. And having a team of coaches to turn to for answers to questions about young and older pups is a lifesaver.
  • You also get a supportive community of other puppy owners, trainers, and breeders to turn to for your pup’s unique challenges or other questions you have. Where to find the best chews? How can you make delicious treats? Should you spay or neuter your pup? And lots more.
  • Finally, you get a program that is evolving as our community grows. More resources and classes will be added as you tell us what you need.

If you are familiar with Avidog, the courses included in the Puppy College are:

  • Puppy Potty Training Solution
  • Crate Training
  • Savvy Socialization for Puppy Owners
  • Tagline Class
  • Fit For Life Puppy
  • Adventure Walks
  • Feeding the Active Dog
  • Supplementing the Active Dog

This membership DOES NOT automatically renew at the end of 12 months.