One-Year Access to “Getting Started With Your Puppy”


One year access to Fit For Life and Puppy Potty Training Solution courses.

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Congratulations! You have received Getting Started With Your Puppy, a wonderful gift to get you and your puppy started off right!

Getting Started With Your Puppy consists of our two most popular puppy courses, Puppy Potty Training Solution and Fit for Life.

Puppy Potty Training Solution (PPTS) is a complete, online house-training and crate-training program, taking you from before you bring your pup home until it is good in the house and the crate. PPTS teaches through a downloadable ebook, videos and weekly email access to Avidog trainers. It gives you the support you need as you accomplish these critical tasks with your new puppy.

Fit For Life (FFL) will enable you to safely exercise your pup through puppyhood, helping you avoid injuries and orthopedic disease, both early on and later in your pup’s life. The simple exercises in the puppy program will enable you to develop your pup’s proprioception, balance and flexibility. Once the pups turns 6 months, the program gradually integrates core, front and rear strength exercises to set your pup up for an injury-free life, improved weight control and greater longevity.

FFL is the only canine fitness program created and run by a sports medicine veterinarian, Dr Chris Zink, and long-time breeder, Dr Gayle Watkins, so you can be confident that you will have professional, competent guidance as your pup grows.