Timing Your Breedings


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This online class includes video lectures with audio files and transcripts, as well as additional resources, product suggestions, and research studies to enable you to optimally time and handle your breedings and whelpings. Learn to read progesterone reports, do LH testing and vaginal cytology, and select the optimal time to breed your bitch to ensure she gets pregnant and increase litter size.

These webinars are part of our For Breeders, By Breeders webinar series and are included in the Avidog Breeder College Membership.


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Timing Your Breeding Bundle

Class 1: Your Dog’s Heat Cycle Simplified 

  • What are the stages of a dog’s reproductive cycle?
  • How long does each stage last?
  • What is happening during each stage?
  • When is my dog fertile?
  • What are normal variations in a dog’s heat cycle, like split heats and anovulatory seasons?
  • When should I be worried about my dog’s heat cycle?

Class 2: Using Vaginal Cytology to Time Breedings and Whelpings 

  • What is vaginal cytology?
  • How can vaginal cytology help you?
  • What equipment do you need to do vaginal cytology?
  • How do you prepare a slide?
  • How do you read a slide?
  • What do the slides mean for breeding and whelping windows?

Class 3: Using LH and Progesterone Testing to Time Breedings and Whelpings Webinar Topics

  • What are LH and progesterone tests?
  • How do these tests help us know when to breed?
  • How do they help us know when your bitch will whelp?
  • When should we run these tests?
  • What do the results mean? How do we use them to make our breedings more successful and get more healthy puppies?

This webinar is part of our For Breeders, By Breeders series. It is included in the Avidog Breeder College Platinum Membership.


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  • How long will the class be available to me? You will have access to the class page, including the recordings, for a year.
  • Can I get a refund? Sorry, there are no refunds for classes.
  • What is the For Breeders, By Breeders series? This series of webinars and courses presents pertinent information to dog breeders so they can best manage their dogs, breedings, puppies and owners. We cut through the scientific jargon and focus on what breeders can do to be the most successful possible!
  • What is the Avidog Platinum Breeder College Membership (ABCM)? This monthly or annual membership is for new and seasoned dog breeders who are looking to make their breeding program the most successful possible, producing healthy, stable pups will taking great care of their stud dogs and brood bitches. ABCM includes Avidog’s FIVE flagship courses, monthly bonuses like this webinar, twice-monthly Q&A calls, weekly office hours, and a private Facebook group only for the ABCM community. If you want to connect with smart, educated, committed dog breeders, join today!