The Stud Dog Course


Stud dogs are an essential part of the breeding process but much of what happens with them seems like Greek to many of us: morphology and motility, first fraction or second, bent tails and proximal droplets, chill tests and post-thaw results.

In this self-paced, online class you will discover what stud dog and bitch owners need to know about studs, semen, and sperm, including:

  • How do we read semen reports and stud contracts when choosing a stud
  • Types of semen and types of breedings
  • What do we do when things go wrong
  • How do we raise a young dog to become an effective stud
  • How do we manage a stud over his lifetime, including breeding management, nutrition, and conditioning

This online class is included in our Avidog Breeder College Platinum & Platinum Plus membership.

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