Savvy Socialization for Breeders


Avidog’s Savvy Socialization is a new socialization program that includes programs for breeders and owners. This self-paced online course covers what breeders can do to produce wonderful temperaments in their puppies, starting before birth and continuing until they send their pups to their new homes. Savvy Socialization for Breeders includes parental selection, prenatal care, and specific actions breeders can take through each of the early stages of puppyhood. This program emphasizes building every puppy’s trust in people, the world around them, and themselves. Learn how to ensure your litter has the right experiences at the right time in their lives to produce happy, stables dogs and reduce fearfulness, dog reactivity, and aggression

This course includes two online video classes: Introduction to Savvy Socialization and Socialization for Puppy Breeders.

If you are interested in Socialization for Puppy Owners, too, covering what we can do to build great temperaments in our pups, from 8 weeks to a year, see Savvy Socialization for Breeders or get the whole kit and caboodle with our Savvy Socialization Bundle.

This class is included in ABCM Platinum and ABCM Platinum Plus Memberships.