Avidog Transformational Puppy Rearing


The Avidog Transformational Puppy Rearing video series provides self-paced videos covering our popular seminar and more! This is a great place to get started with Avidog!

Here’s just some of what you will learn:

  • Before you breed: epigenetics, prenatal nutrition, effects of parental stress, condition, toxins
  • How puppies develop and why that’s important to us
  • Pups’ first 16 weeks: puppy and dam nutrition and care, monitoring pups, Early Scent Introduction, vaccine protocols, weaning
  • Teaching key skills: potty training and house breaking, coming when called, manners, impulse control, bite inhibition
  • Socialization and development: Enriching Environments, Key Developmental Opportunities, Adventure Walks, Savvy Socialization
  • Reducing behavior problems: jumping, up, escaping, demand barking, food aggression

This video series is science-based, experience-tested puppy rearing presented by three-time AKC Breeder of the Year, Gayle Watkins, PhD.