Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test


The Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test (APET) enables you to evaluate a puppy’s temperament, identify the optimal home for that puppy, and create a brief training plan to get the pup started off right.

Dogs whose temperaments match their home and family thrive, while pups who don’t fit well in their homes are often unhappy, destructive and difficult! Even the best raised pup will not do well in a home that doesn’t want or need its temperament.

The APET teaches you to evaluate up to 33 puppy temperament traits that are predictive of adult personalities. It also enables owners, trainers and breeders to individualize early training plans for that pup’s critical first few months.

The APET is an online, digital product that includes:

Avidog® Puppy Evaluation Test: Helping Make the Best Match for Puppies and Owners, a 115-page ebook for use on an iPad or computer or to download and print or. (We will be offering print-on-demand versions shortly, for an additional fee.)

This ebook covers everything you need to conduct, analyze and use an APET, including:

  • Scribe and score sheets for individual puppies
  • Litter trait inventories so breeders can track litters as a whole
  • Printable test area layouts to make set up easy
  • Printable exercise sequence to hang in the test area to keep things on track
  • Two complete APET videos with score sheets and training plans
  • Videos of real-life puppies that fall at the high and low ends of 17 traits with more coming
  • Numerous sample training plans

Once purchased, you have access to the APET Resource page forever, so you will receive updates, revisions, new videos and more as the APET evolves. In fact, this why the APET is a digital product, because the best way to incorporate new knowledge and ideas into it as it evolves is to present it digitally rather than simply a book.