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We are so glad that you have chosen to become an Avidog referral partner!

We’ve created this page to assist you in spreading the word about our unique programs for dog lovers.

Referral Program Details

Here is a quick review of the programs’ details:

  • You can log in to the referral program to manage your account at
  • You get a 15% referral fee on any products or programs that someone purchases through your referral partner links.
  • These fees are paid 60 days after someone purchases or enrolls in a program.
  • Product, course, class and webinars result in a one-time referral fee. Memberships produce ongoing (monthly or annual) referral fees as long as your friend or client remains in the membership.
  • The fees are only paid through Paypal so you must have a Paypal account to participate.
  • You cannot make any purchases through your own referral link.
  • You can manage your referral partnership, including getting reports on clicks and purchases through your link at

Creating Your Referral Links

There are two types of links you can use to direct your friends and clients to our programs: general and product/program specific.

  • General Link. This link will track anyone you send to our websites: However, you cannot direct people to a specific program with this link. To do that, you must create your own product/program specific link using the instructions below.
  • Product/program specific links. To create a link directly to any of our programs, watch the video below. These links will ensure you get credit for each sale made through your referral partner account.

Creating Links Video Tutorial and How to Share Your Links on Facebook

Lastly, after you have linked to our site, we’d love to see your website.  Please send the URL to   Of course, if you have any questions or problems, email Nicole as well.

Again, welcome to the family!

How to Download Graphics

Below are graphics for our websites, products, and programs. You are welcome to use these graphics to support our programs on your website, in blog posts, and in written documents and handouts. Whenever you use these graphics on line, please link to our site using your referral partner link so your visitors and owners can learn more about us!

Graphic Download Instructions

To download these logos:

PC Users
Right click the photo then choose “Save Image As” from the available actions.

Mac Users
Hold down “Control” and click the photo and choose “Save Image As” from the available actions or simply drag the photo to your desktop.

Avidog Logo

For linking to the Avidog University homepage (

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Medium Logo


Small Logo


Extra Small Logo

Extra Small

New Programs

Living with Intact Dogs and Bitches

Canine Lactation

Puppy Owner Programs and Products

Good Dog / Avidog Puppy College

Fit For Life Puppy Program

Living with Intact Dogs and Bitches

Puppy Potty Training Solution

Savvy Socialization for Puppy Owners

Good Dog / Avidog Tagline Class – How to Use Taglines to Raise a Great Puppy

Crate Training

All About Dog Poop

Fit For Life Puppy Exercise Book

Breeder Programs

Private: Avidog Platinum Breeder College Membership (Monthly)

Platinum Breeder College Membership (Annual) – OLD Plat

Your Litter A to Z

Platinum Breeder College Membership (Annual) – OLD Plat

Introduction to Transformational Dog Breeding

Avidog Transformational Puppy Rearing

The Stud Dog Course

Timing Your Breedings Bundle

Adventure Walks

Breeder Contracts and Warranties

Advanced Breeder Contracts

The Dog’s Heat Cycle SIMPLIFIED

Basic Genetics for Dog Breeders

Genetic Diversity and Dogs

Using LH and Progesterone Testing to Time Breedings and Whelpings

Canine Longevity

Nomographs and Puppy Vaccinations

Using Pedigrees to Breed Better Dogs

Photographing Your Puppies

Puppy Application Process

Potty Training Your Litter

Savvy Socialization Bundle

Savvy Socialization for Breeders

Canine Lactation

All About Dog Poop

Savvy Socialization for Breeders

Raising Sound Singletons

Starting Your APET Right

Good Dog / Avidog Tagline Class – How to Use Taglines to Raise a Great Puppy

Using Vaginal Cytology to Time Breedings and Whelpings