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Give the gift of a good dog!

Using our vouchers, you can give friends, family members, or puppy buyers training for their pup. Give a single class or give the Puppy College, an all-inclusive program for raising a great dog, complete with weekly coaching for a year!


  • Vouchers are an easy way for breeders to help their puppy buyers continue all the great work you’ve done!
  • Voucher with codes will be delivered via email and in an attached printable pdf.
  • When checking out, you can enter the recipient’s name, email, and a personalized message – and the voucher will be sent directly to them!

Puppy College Membership

Avidog’s Puppy College is the complete puppy-raising program teachers owners to raise their puppy The Avidog Way!. A complete, self-paced, online training program with weekly coaching to enable owners to bring out the best in their pup! Get free shipping on taglines when purchased with the Puppy College! More about Puppy College.

$ 150 per voucher

Buy 6 or more at $75 each ($75 savings per voucher)

Savvy Socialization for Puppy Owners

This course includes two online video classes: Introduction to Savvy Socialization and Socialization for Puppy Owners. More about Savvy Socialization.

$ 19.95 per voucher

Buy 4 or more at $16.95 each ($3 savings per voucher)

Avidog Taglines Online Class

This online class will teach puppy owners how to handle normal puppy behaviors calmly and effectively. More about the Tagline class.

PLEASE NOTE this voucher DOES NOT include an actual Avidog Tagline.

$ 19.95 per voucher

Buy 4 or more at $16.95 each ($3 savings per voucher)

Puppy Potty Training Solution

Puppy Potty Training Solution (PPTS) is a complete house-training and crate-training program, taking owners from before they bring their pup home until it is good in the house and the crate. More about Puppy Potty Training Solution.
$ 37.95 per voucher

Buy 4 or more at $29.95 each ($8 savings per voucher)