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Presented by: Gayle Watkins, PhD
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Dogs whose temperaments match their home and family thrive, while pups who don’t fit well in their homes are often unhappy, destructive and difficult! Even the best raised pup will not do well in a home that doesn’t want or need its temperament.


The Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test (APET) teaches you to evaluate temperament traits that contribute to a puppy’s success in its home. It also enables owners, trainers, and breeders to individualize early training plans for that pup’s critical first few months.

This cutting-edge temperament test is the result of over 20 years of effort to create an easy-to-use tool that not only correctly evaluates puppies of all breeds up to 16 weeks of age but also helps match them to prospective homes and provides individual insights and guidance to their owners.


If you want to see more about the APET, check out the first ten pages of the ebook, including the Table of Contents and the first two chapters.

Are you a dog breeder in search of a better puppy test so you can match your puppies to their new homes?

Are you a trainer looking for a puppy evaluation to help your clients understand their puppy better?

Are you a new dog owner that would like to get a puppy that best fits you, your goals and your personality?


1. The Foundation of the APET is There is No Perfect Puppy!

We describe the APET as Puppy eHarmony because we know that although there are no perfect puppies, there is a puppy that is a great match for you, and me, and my best friend, and my mom. Each of us want different things from our dogs, even if we have similar goals, and it is those little things that make our relationships with our dogs perfect when they fit. The APET enables us to find the important “little things” that actually will form the foundation of your or your owner’s relationship with their puppy and eventually, their dog.

2. The APET Knows Dogs Live in the Real World

When puppies go to their new homes, they transition from a known environment into the Real World, filled with distractions and challenges. Yet most temperament tests evaluate puppies in sterile environments, with few distractions. Some breeders don’t even temperament test because “they know their puppies better than anyone.” That may be true but until a puppy has been evaluated away from its mom and littermates in a new location with a person it doesn’t know and amid distractions, no one knows how it will react when it faces those things.

The APET mimics the Real World that puppies are going to live in by incorporating strange people and places, as well as surprising sights, sounds and smells into the testing environment. This enables us to evaluate each puppy’s reaction to newness before it goes to its new home. Perhaps it is a puppy that is unsure around new sounds or fascinated by new smells. Knowing this when they bring their puppy home enables owners to have a plan in place to handle their puppy’s unique approach to the world.

3. Viva La Difference!

The APET also celebrates differences among puppies, even from the same litter. We believe that not only is every puppy different but so are the homes they will go into. So a temperament test that looks for one right answer isn’t going to take advantage of those differences. What you want in a dog, what I want in a dog, and what my neighbor wants in a dog are all different. How do we find three puppies that will grow into three dogs that fits with each of us? By using a puppy temperament evaluation that not only looks for but values those differences, we can see puppies for who they are rather than judging them.

There are no right or wrong answers in the APET. There are no good or bad scores. There are simply differences between puppies that enable them to fit better in one home over another. Not only does the APET help you see those differences but it also shows you the homes where each difference will fit best.

And most importantly, the APET helps breeders, owners and trainers create developmental opportunities and socialization plans tailored to each puppy and its new home. Rather than the one-size-fits-all training found in most books, the APET identifies things that owners should work on immediately, those they will have to manage over the dog’s lifetime, and those they can ignore.

4. Some Traits Are Tweakable, Others Are Not

Some aspects of a puppy’s temperament can be changed through training, development and socialization experiences but other traits are stabilized before a puppy goes to its first home. Puppies should be matched to homes that either want or can manage its stable traits.

Then owners can focus their efforts on changing the tweakable ones that are important to them. The APET helps you tailor puppy development plans to each individual puppy and home because it identifies those temperament traits that can be tweaked early in a puppy’s life and those that are relatively stable over a dog’s lifetime.


The APET is an online, digital product that includes:

Avidog® Puppy Evaluation Test: Helping Make the Best Match for Puppies and Owners, a 115-page ebook for use on an iPad or computer or to download and print.

This ebook covers everything you need to conduct, analyze and use an APET, including:

  • Downloadable and printable scribe and score sheets for individual puppies
  • Litter trait inventories so breeders can track litters as a whole
  • Printable test area layouts to make set up easy
  • Printable exercise sequence to hang in the test area to keep things on track
  • Equipment and supply lists for the items you need to put on an APET
  • Three complete APET videos with score sheets and training plans
  • Videos of real-life puppies that fall at the high and low ends of many traits with more coming
  • Numerous sample training plans

Once purchased, you have access to the APET Resource page for a year, so you will receive updates, revisions, new videos, and more as the APET evolves. In fact, this why the APET is a digital product, because the best way to incorporate new knowledge and ideas into it as it evolves is to present it digitally rather than simply a book.

An APET is a short session during which a puppy interacts with a friendly stranger who pets, cuddles, plays with and teaches the puppy, similar to what a new owner might do when the pup first goes home. The session takes place in a room where the puppy has never been before that is filled with items that the puppy can engage with, from toys to flooring to a friendly dog.

During the APET, the tester and observers can evaluate up to 33 temperament traits of puppies between 7.5- and 10-weeks old. The shorter APET created for breeders who sell only to pet homes and takes 12-15 minutes per pup. The Full APET’s 23 exercises takes 20-30 minutes per puppy and further evaluates its stamina, focus and other traits most important to working and competition puppies.

Each temperament trait is evaluated on a 1-10 scale with clear descriptions for both end points and the middle. Traits are identified by whether they are stable or tweakable so breeders, owners and trainers can match on stable traits and develop the tweakable ones.

The APET then provides recommendations on the trait scores that do best in various types of homes. Some of these are obvious to most breeders, for example, puppies on the lower end of the energy scale will do best in quiet pet homes. But other relationships are not as clear. For example, most agility competitors do best with puppies that are moderately high in environmental focus and moderate in people focus.

The Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test is for dog breeders, trainers, enthusiasts and owners who want to be able to:

  • Predict key components of adult dog temperament in early puppyhood (7.5 to 10 weeks)
  • Use temperament to place every puppy in a compatible home
  • Provide important information to:
    • Owners – what to expect from their puppy and how to raise it
    • Trainers — to enable them to best help their clients
    • Breeders — feedback on each breeding
  • A computer (PC/Mac) with at least 4GB RAM
  • We recommend that you connect to an Internet Line with an average speed of 10Mbps or better, and to use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi
  • We recommend using Chrome or Firefox Internet browsers on iOS, MacOS, Windows or Android

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Once purchased, you have access to the APET Resource page for 12 months, so during that time period you will receive updates, revisions, new videos and more as the APET evolves.

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AviDog Puppy Evaluation Test

The APET is the most complete puppy evaluation system available today.




Gayle has over 40 years of breeding and puppy-raising experience. As a three-time AKC Breeder of the Year, she has raised hundreds of puppies. As a dog trainer, she has taught thousands of puppy owners how to bring out the best in their puppies. She knows it all starts with a good match between puppy and owner.

If YOU need help raising or training your puppy, Gayle and the Avidog Team are here for YOU!

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