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Raising Healthy, Stable Dogs!


Gayle Watkins, Ph.D.
Avidog® International, LLC


This 3-hour seminar is a condensed version of Avidog’s popular Transformational Puppy Rearing, which focuses on key highlights of The Avidog Way, the ground-breaking, scientifically sound, puppy-raising system that enables breeders and owners to bring out the best in every puppy from. Learn the power of epigenetics, nutrition, canine development, Savvy Socialization, vaccine nomographs and more on our pups’ adult temperament and health, from before birth until 4 months of age.

Then after the seminar, you get free access to the seminar’s resource page, where you will find the slide decks, videos, products, and research studies discussed during the seminar. In addition, you will be invited to join the private Avidog Breeder College Facebook forum where you can continue the conversations begun at the seminar with Gayle and other like-minded dog lovers.


The seminar has something to offer any serious dog person but will have particular appeal to:

  • present and future dog breeders of competition, working and pet dogs
  • working dog owners and handlers
  • performance dog owners
  • dog trainers
  • veterinarians and vet techs

SEP 18, 2019

Crown Plaza Resort
1 Resort Drive 
Asheville, NC 28806



Open to BCCA Members & Non-Members

BCCA Members: $25

Non-BCCA Members: $50


Spots are limited so register early!
Dogs are not to attend this seminar

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GREAT DOG BREEDING SEMINAR!! I know there are many dog breeding seminars out there but this one is truly worth attending. The information is research based and not anecdotal. I found out about AVIDOG at my breed national specialty and have taken several of their online courses. The follow-up resources and community are invaluable to me. Whether you are a breeder or someone who will be looking for a puppy, attending one of these seminars is a must!

The weekend I spent at the Avidog dog breeding seminar was one of the most rewarding I have attended. I would highly recommend this program to the seasoned breeder and one just starting out. It will not only help you breed healthier puppies but just as important get them into ” forever homes.”

Avidog was able to back up their points with specific studies and references. I had an amazing time and learned SO much. Unlike other seminars which provide facts but no explanation, Avidog was able to back up their points with specific studies and references which were provided to us for further research if we wanted.




Dr. Gayle Watkins, co-founder of Avidog® International is a dynamic, engaging speaker and teacher who presents seminars and consults on dog breeding, puppy rearing and evaluations around the world. She works with pet, performance and working dog breeders and organizations globally to design and implement breeding strategies that produce healthy, stable, long-lived dogs.

Gayle serves on the boards of Cornell’s Baker Institute for Animal Health and Canine Health Events.

Gayle has actively shown and bred multi-purpose golden retrievers under the Gaylan’s kennel prefix since 1979. Her breeding program was honored in 2016, 2017 and 2018 when she was selected by the AKC as Sport Breeder of the Year, first for rally, then agility and finally tracking. She is an AKC Gold Breeder of Merit and has produced, owned and shown over 130 American and Canadian conformation, obedience, agility and tracking champions, as well as Master Hunters, Qualified All-Age, and mission-ready Search and Rescue dogs.

Avidog International II, LLCWe combine science, art and over 40 years of dog breeding experience to create, develop and present puppy rearing courses, programs and equipment for puppy owners and dog breeders.

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