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Are you looking for some help doing an Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test (APET) on your puppies to better match them to their new homes? Then check out this list of APET students, who are interested in evaluating pups or at least helping with tests.

These APET students are interested in helping dog breeders, trainers and buyers conduct APETs on litters. They have taken the APET course to learn about the test, as well as important puppy temperament traits and the appropriateness of those traits to various homes.

These students range in experience, from very experienced to just getting started. Some charge fees and/or expenses for their services, others do not. Those who are willing to travel regionally, nationally and even internationally are indicated below.

All testers have agreed to:

  • Assist you in preparing for your APET.
  • Ensure you have all necessary testing forms for the test.
  • Conduct the test professionally in accordance with the APET program.
  • Assists you in interpreting each puppy’s test results and behavior.
  • Assists you in preparing training plans for each puppy.
  • Explain, negotiate and collect any fees and expenses for their services from you.

Avidog does not endorse any of these testers and has no responsibility for the quality of these testers’ work or any financial responsibility to host or testers.

Want to become an APET tester? Purchase and take the APET course

wdt_ID Country City State APET Tester Email Local Regional Nationally Internationally
1 USA Washington VA Meggan Abboud Y Y Y Y
2 USA Valparaiso IN Lisa Bataska Y Y Y N
3 USA Carleton MI Karen Bell Y N N N
4 CA Thorhild AB Christiane Benoit Y Y Y N
5 USA Point Pleasant Boro NJ Nancy Borga Y Y Y N
6 CA Roberts Creek BC Jane Bowers Y Y N N
7 CA Edmonton AB Brenda Brown Y Y N N
8 CA Hammonds Plains NS Jessica Brunet Y Y N N
9 USA Albany OR Tracy Calhoun Y Y N N
10 USA Billings MT Carolyn DeBar Y Y Y Y
Country City State Local Regional Nationally Internationally

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