Our FREE ebook is filled with ideas for both breeders and puppy owners to help raise your puppy to become a great dog.


Within these pages you will find a comprehensive listing of some of the things we, as breeders, do with our dams and puppies while they are in our care, as well as things we encourage our puppy buyers to do with their pups once they take their pups home. The ebook is broken up by four age groups: birth to three weeks, four to six weeks, seven to nine weeks, and the next seven weeks.

We believe that introducing our pups to the things on this list at the right age has played an important role in our being able to breed so many successful working, performance and companion dogs. If you plan ahead and tackle this list at the appropriate ages, we are confident that you, too, will have great results!

Please Note: Some breeds develop more slowly than others. Differences in development can even be found among litters of the same breed. Please use common sense when using this list and adjust the time frames and challenges appropriately for your puppies!

We hope you enjoy our comprehensive list of ways to create great puppies!!

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